If your journey home from work involves travelling on Southcote Lane, the chances are your attention will have been drawn to the Christmas house on the corner.

A festive spectacle that boasts more than 230,000 bulbs and 200 items, the display is put on by the Fairchild family every year.

Although it poses the question - are these the best Christmas lights in Reading? - it is not all about being number one for this generous family.

The lights have drawn in big crowds over the years and this year it will help two very worthy causes.

This year, all the money donated by the public will help Sue Ryder's Duchess of Kent Hospice and Daisy's Dream.

Damion Fairchild said: "I have lived in Reading all my life and I have lived in this property for about 10 years since my little girl was born.

"Growing up my mum and dad would always do the Christmas lights and that is what got me into it.

"We had a break from it and then going back five years ago I started doing my own lights.

"I never look at ours as better. It is nice whenever anyone puts lights up. But I would say I have got one of the best ones."

The family welcomed hundreds of visitors on December 1 for the official switch-on and took nearly £800 to get the fundraising started.

One of the more expensive items in the display is the Nativity scene and Mr Fairchild, 34, says he is regularly approached on social media whenever a new item becomes available.

Daughter Freya, 10, and son Lucas, six, have their very own winter wonderland on their doorstep and are often the talk of their classroom.

Mr Fairchild added: "The main reason why we are doing it is for charity. My partner lost her nan at the beginning of this year.

"She used to work at the Duchess of Kent and when she retired she did all the fundraising for Sue Ryder.

"It took two and a half weeks to do it and I took time off work to do it. We just love Christmas so much.

"I will do it every year and every year I try to go bigger.

"We have parents come down all the time with their children and the first thing I see on their faces is a big smile and that makes it all worthwhile."

With all your favourite festive songs on the playlist and a wonderful array of lights to look at, why not visit the house and leave a donation in time for Christmas.