A PUBWATCH scheme has seen a crack down on alcohol related crimes and anti-social behaviour in licensed premises in Newbury.

Thames Valley Police has seen 75 per cent of offenders arrested for crimes and anti-social behaviour in the town centre after its launch on Monday, November 5.

Anyone arrested for an alcohol-related crime or disorder in a licensed premise will be issued with a 28 day exclusion from Pubwatch pubs in the town centre.

This will be enforced straight away after they leave custody.

If incidents involve drugs, violence or aggression towards others, the offender will be referred to Pubwatch for a ban of at least two years.

Sergeant Simon White, based at Newbury police station said: “Drunkenness is no excuse for violence, aggression or criminality and along with our partners we are increasing safety in the town centre.

“We want people to be able to enjoy a safe night out in Newbury, and we hope that this scheme will send a strong message to people who choose to drink excessively and then behave in a violent or aggressive way, that they will be dealt with robustly.”

Paula McAuley from Newbury Business Watch said: “We are delighted the 28 Day Exclusion scheme is in place and it highlights the strong working partnerships we have forged in the town centre. It further justifies Newbury’s Purple Flag status, making the town a diverse, safe and enjoyable night out for everyone.”

Annie Partington, Manager at Walkabout and Chair of Pubwatch, said: “We have been working hard with Thames Valley Police and Business Watch to implement this scheme. It will ensure assaults on staff and customers will be dealt with immediately.”