The deputy leader at Reading Borough Council (RBC) is calling for average speed cameras in the town to enforce speed restrictions.

Councillor Tony Page, lead member for Transport, was responding to a Green campaign for measures to slow down cars in east Reading.

The deputy leader rejected the Greens’ calls for 20mph zones on main roads but suggested average speed cameras as an alternative.

He said police give enforcement of speed restrictions a very low priority and so the council is looking at alternatives.

Cllr Page said: “We are investigating whether we can use other means to enforce speed restrictions, such as average speed cameras.

“That would require co-operation from the police who have so far been unforthcoming.

“That would be the most cost effective means. It would relieve the police of the need to enforce it using their officers.

“But we also need their support legally. Police have so far not been keen.”

Average speed cameras are currently in use on the M4 going towards Reading via the A329.

They are commonly found on the motorway and work by tracking the speed of your car between two points.

The technology has been introduced on the main road into Plymouth’s city centre, with Coventry City Council set to bring in similar proposals next year.