Reading Green Party has called on Reading Borough Council (RBC) to introduce measures to slow down cars in existing 20mph zones in east Reading.

It would also like to see main roads become 20mph zones to decrease the speed of cars and save lives.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, joined Green councillor Josh Williams and Redlands campaigner David McElroy on Sunday, October 21 to highlight road safety concerns in East Reading.

Mr McElroy said: “It's great that the council has introduced a large 20mph zone in East Reading following Green Party campaigning on this issue.

“However, the combination of pay-and-display and permit parking on roads around the hospital has cleared these roads of cars at certain points during the week.

“This has left a number of wide, straight roads like Addington Road open to cars speeding along them, whereas previously parked cars narrowed the road and slowed traffic.

“The increase in speed by cars travelling along these roads has been confirmed by the council itself following the introduction of the parking scheme.

“Worse still, parked cars have been displaced onto already busy roads like Hamilton Road, while main roads such as Kings Road, London Road, and Cemetery Junction still have an unacceptably high number of accidents.

“We need measures on Addington Road and roads like it to tackle these problems and slow cars down again.”

20 mph limits were introduced in east Reading in May 2016.

Councillor Tony Page, lead member for Strategic Environment and Transport, said: "The council’s policy is to introduce 20mph zones in residential areas where there is support from the local community.

"We are opposed to a blanket 20mph zone for Reading. That is not realistic.

"It has been tried in other parts of the country and been a lamentable failure.

"At the moment, we are not looking at reducing speed on main roads. It could seriously impact bus services.

"These things cost money as well and we are extremely strapped for cash."

Councillor Rob White, Reading Green Party leader, said: "Following a number of fatal and serious accidents in the Cemetery Junction area, Greens have long campaigned for improvements to road safety in East Reading such as 20 mph.

“We will keep up the pressure for measures to bring down the speed of traffic, save lives and improve our roads for everyone."

Jonathan Bartley said: "Nationally, hundreds of people die on our roads every year. I'm a passionate campaigner for road safety measures that protect vulnerable road users such as people walking and riding bikes."