The Autumn Budget is a ‘sticking plaster’ but the extra money is welcome, said Reading Borough Council's (RBC) leader.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s announcement on Monday included extra funding for schools and potholes, following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement that 'austerity is over'.

Councillor Jo Lovelock, Reading Borough Council (RBC) leader, said: “Any extra money is welcome but it is a one off as far as I can tell; it is a sticking plaster.

“We have to work out how much we are going to get in Reading.

Schools will get £400 million for ‘little extras’ like school equipment and maintenance.

Cllr Lovelock said: “I thought the remarks about little extras for schools was particularly insulting.

“It is not about little extras – it is about basic, core funding that has been reducing year on year.

“He needs to understand that it is quite insulting to schools who have been struggling.

The announcement included business rates relief for small high street retailers, while an extra £42m will go towards tackling potholes.

Cllr Lovelock said she hoped the council wouldn’t have to take on the lost business rates revenue.

She added: “We have issues with potholes like other councils. They cut the pothole budget some years ago which has made it more difficult for the council to keep up.

“Putting some of that back would be more than welcome. But it sounded like it is a one off.”