A COUNCILLOR has called for better funding for police after a live firework was thrown through her letterbox.

Ellie Emberson was left stunned when Thames Valley Police called two hours after the call was made to say they would not be able to respond to the incident.

The Labour councillor said Reading descended into 'chaos' on Halloween and returned home to find her mother and two dogs in a state of shock.

She said: "My mum was just sat watching television and then suddenly the firework came through the letterbox and before she knew it it was bouncing off the wall and started going off.

"She turned her back to it and she was sat on the sofa with my two dogs. It went on for about 30 seconds.

"I really hope it was not a targeted attack because of me being a councillor. It sounds like it was mayhem across Reading last night (October 31)."

Another councillor, John Ennis, tweeted: "Just come back from Southcote after tracking 40 plus youths dressed in black with masks and on bikes firing fireworks at buses and vehicles.

"The police did their best but there is not enough of them. Sort it out @AlokSharma_RDG stop cutting the police to give the rich tax cuts."

After cllr Emberson's mother called the non-emergency number (101) she was assured that someone would be with her imminently.

They stood out in the cold for two hours before they received a follow up call to tell them that it would not be until the following morning that someone would be able to come and see them.

Cllr Emberson added: "We were stood on the driveway because the house was full of smoke.

Reading Chronicle:

"We received a leaflet from the police short while back telling us how to stay safe on Halloween, so we thought they were being really proactive.

"It just comes down to funding police better. We have lost nearly 500 officers across the Thames Valley and there should be more of them."

As well as calling for better funding for the emergency services, she would like to see the law changed to stop fireworks getting into the wrong hands.

She said: "The petition is about the sale of fireworks and to make sure that they are only given to licensed providers."