A TEA party was held to thank donors and volunteers who made the reopening of public toilets a possibility.

Campaigners from Action for Pangbourne Toilets Community Trust (APTCT) battled hard to raise more than £15,000 to bring the facility back into use.

West Berkshire Council closed the centre due to budget pressures, but the community responded to fundraising efforts, allowing the toilets to open in September 2017.

As thanks to all of the individuals and businesses who backed the campaign, a tea party was organised by the team, who are still working hard to secure the future of the toilets.

Sir Brian Hoskins, chair of the trustees, said: "We decided to throw a party to thank everyone who helped to re-open the toilets and to celebrate what has been a very successful first year.

"Thanks to our donors and supporters we already have the funds to keep the toilets open until at least September 2019.

"Our fundraising efforts must continue to secure the toilets for the village in the longer term, but we have been greatly encouraged by the strength of support from residents in Pangbourne and in the wider community."

A 99-year lease has been offered by the council to use the Station Road site for £1 per year, but APTCT’s fundraising efforts must continue in order to keep the toilets from being closed again.

The trust has a target of £15,000 each year to cover the running costs and a reserve fund for maintenance and upgrades.

Guests at the tea party were joined by Libby Herbert from the national charity Colostomy UK, which supports people who have had life changing stoma surgery.

The charity provided APTCT with support and advice to upgrade the RADAR key accessible toilet.

She added: "I am delighted to see that the hard work and passion of those involved has kept the public toilets of Pangbourne open a year on.

"To also make their accessible toilets inclusive to those living with a hidden condition, by making them Stoma-friendly is incredible. Thank you for this achievement."