A MULTI-million pound project to upgrade power supplies in Reading is reaching the next phase.

Works by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will provide greater strength to supplies for homes and businesses in the town.

The latest phase of the project will start on October 20, with a view to providing resilience and better opportunities for new connections.

Miles Crossley, SSEN’s project manager, said: “This will be the most prominent section of works carried out on this project and the nature of working on such a busy stretch of road means that safety issues are raised for those working on the project, and diversions and lane closures are necessary for a short while during this phase.

“As always, our aim is to cause the minimum of disruption, while ensuring the safety of both our colleagues and road users.

"It is also SSEN’s intention to work collaboratively with Wokingham Borough Council to arrange potential repair of iron works, such as drain covers, which would negate the need for further road works facilitated by the local authority at a later date.”

The team will start by installing cable ducting on the A4, starting at the roundabout at Sutton Park Avenue.

To ensure the safety of those working on the project, a diversion up to Shepherds Hill roundabout will be in place for two days over the weekend.

From October 22, the works will then progress to the eastbound lane of the A4 for a period of two weeks.

During the works traffic flow will be maintained unrestricted both ways using the remaining two lanes of the four lane carriageway.

All resurfacing works will be carried out as the works progress and signs highlighting the works to road users will be in place from October 5.

For full details of diversions, closures and traffic management systems in your area, please go to www.roadworks.org.