INSPECTORS have praised the leadership qualities of a trust following the latest visit.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust holds an overall 'Good' rating from the Care Quality Commission.

However, the watchdog elevated the leadership rating to 'Outstanding' - noting the attention to detail and willingness to make improvements.

The service was last inspected in 2016 and it was deemed to have made significant strides.

CQC inspectors also noted the positivity of the trust and staff about the potential for further improvements.

The report reads: "The trust board was strong and confident in performing its role. The executive team were stable and succession planning had been embedded over the last five years.

"The chair and non-executive directors were committed to ensuring that patients received the best care possible and used their wide range of skills and experience to challenge the executive directors to deliver quality services.

"The trust had made further progress in the use of a quality improvement methodology. We saw that this methodology gave genuine opportunities for staff and patients in wards and teams to identify areas for improvement and make changes.

"The use of quality improvement was widespread throughout the trust, both staff and patients were very positive about the potential for improvement."

The trust is the main provider of mental health, community health and specialist learning disability services in Berkshire.

Inspectors said the trust should make improvements on wards for older people with mental health problems, by ensuring emergency equipment checks are completed regularly.