A TAXI driver who took advantage of drunken and vulnerable young women has been jailed for 14 years.

Ruhen Miah sexually attacked four victims and abused the trust placed on him between New Year’s Day and February 24 this year.

The 42-year-old, of Bangladeshi origin, admitted to assaulting two women with 90 minutes of each other after they became separated on a night out in Newbury.

Following a witness appeal, two further victims were then identified and interviewed after police recovered CCTV footage from Miah’s taxi.

During the sentencing at Reading Crown Court on Friday, Judge Angela Morris said Miah went from being 'a law abiding citizen to a monster' during the seven-week period of offending.

Reading Chronicle:

Among the charges against the father-of-three was one of raping a female, with another of attempted rape.

Alan Blake, prosecuting, said: “He has pleaded guilty to a series of serious sexual offences, committed against four young females.

“Three of those were 19 years old and one was 29. All were vulnerable owing to excess consumption of alcohol and relied on him in his capacity as a taxi driver to get home safely.”

The court heard evidence from an expert witness and clinical psychiatrist, Michael Alcock, who described his adjustment disorder as the reason for his ‘extreme behaviour’.

Once described as a ‘pillar of the community’ and ‘popular’ man, Miah, of Charter Road, Newbury, suffered from severe stress and anxiety after he was forced to close his Indian restaurant in September 2017.

Mr Alcock said: “He accepts full responsibility for his offending. He understands the consequences of his actions and the psychological impact on his victims.

“At the time he was clearly a highly dangerous man. He has abused his position of employment and was clearly spiralling out of control.

“This is all typical of someone who is suffering from psychological problems, as he was at the time.”

As well as the loss of his business, Miah struggled to cope following the breakdown of his 18-year marriage, which had been caused by financial concerns after their son said he wanted to go to into private education.

Michael Wolkind QC, mitigating, added: “This is a good man who went wrong for a number of reasons.

“These [attacks] were surely terrifying. Every taxi should be a place of trust.”

Reading Chronicle:

Further supporting evidence was uncovered when police seized his vehicle and he was charged in April.

Miah admitted to one count of rape, two counts of sexual assault, one count of attempted rape and another of sexual assault by penetration.

During her sentencing remarks, Judge Morris added: “The four females were vulnerable due to their consumption of alcohol and they relied on you as a taxi driver to ensure that they were taken to a place of safety.

“The common thread was that al four women were extremely intoxicated and in some cases to the point of being comatosed. They had no chance of defending themselves against your sexual advances.

“There was a degree of targeting because of their state. You took advantage of your position and you were prepared to manipulate other for your own sexual gratification.”