A CONSTABLE has been warned for misconduct after he failed to properly care for a suspect who died in police custody.

Leroy 'Junior' Medford is believed to have died of a heroin overdose at Loddon Valley police station on April 2, the day before his 44th birthday.

The father-of-seven was arrested on suspicion of assault and possession with intent to supply drugs, but was later taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital following complications in his cell.

An independent investigation was launched into his death and a full inquest is due to take place next year.

A misconduct hearing was held on September 17 in connection with allegations of misconduct.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "The misconduct was proven in respect of duties and responsibilities and orders and instructions. A written warning was issued as a result.

"Two members of Mr Medford’s family were invited to attend in accordance with Police Regulations and for reasons of balance, in addition to their legal representative.

"The chair of the meeting, a senior officer, has offered to further discuss the outcome of the meeting with Mr Medford’s family."

He was found unresponsive in his cell at around 4.30am and was given medical assistance by custody staff and then paramedics.

Medford was later taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at about 5am.

His older sister Marilyn Medford-Hawkins added: "We miss him terribly. We were always a close family and his death has really taken the joy out of our lives, so we are trying hard to get it back.

"It is important to keep him in the forefront of our minds and to remind people that we have not forgotten about him.

"Nothing has changed about the way I feel. Nobody should have to face losing a family member in police custody.

"This has put a strain on the family and as the big sister I can feel the enormity of being responsible for keeping our family together."

A series of vigils have been held by his family since his death and the full inquest is due to take place in June 2019.