LEADERS of a care home have 'reluctantly' revealed plans about closing the facility, much to the concern of existing residents.

The trustees of the Earley Charity have decided to open a consultation with staff and residents about the closure of Liberty of Earley House in Lower Earley.

The charity is now facing the possibility of having to close Liberty of Earley House, after using funds to subsidise the many months of loss-making at the home.

David Sutton, vice-chair of the charity, said: "Coming to this decision marks a very sad day for the Earley Charity trustees.

"For over two years, we have been running Liberty of Earley House at a growing loss and we have tried all we could to keep the home open.

"Finally, we have had no option but to reach this difficult decision. In the short term, our main concern will be to ensure that there is a full, sensitive and caring consultation with our residents and staff.

"In the medium term, we are hopeful that a different charitable use will be found for Liberty of Earley House, with a different charitable provider, possibly in the form of sheltered housing."

The residential care home has seen a steady decline in the number of enquiries since 2016, which has led to an increase in the number of empty flats.

A number of options are currently being explored, including potential partnership agreements, with a view to retaining some residential care use.

The charity is consulting on the closure of the home, but will allow enough time for staff and residents to discuss other possibilities.

The daughter of one resident, who did not want to be named, added: "Many people would be upset if this place had to close for good.

"My mother has other things to fall back on, but for many people it would be devastating. Unfortunately, they are struggling financially and that does not change the fact that it is a wonderful home.

"A lot of the other residents would be very upset and it would be a big loss to the local area."