A YOUNG boy with profound learning difficulties will be able to sleep safely thanks to the 'life-changing' generosity of others.

Six-year-old Ubaydah Amenouche was born with a genetic disorder and lives with a range of conditions, including scoliosis, severe autism and double incontinence.

His mother Angelina applied to several charities before approaching the John Sykes Foundation, which was able to provide a travel bed for Ubaydah.

Since being born, the family have been unable to go on holiday or have any vital respite as Ubaydah requires a specialised bed to sleep in at all times.

Angelina said: “I cannot really express my gratitude in words to this charity, from how easy the application process was compared to other charities, to how fast the response was and how quickly they followed through with the grant for the special needs travel bed for our son.

"Usually applying to charities is a long process and a mound of paperwork, so it was so refreshing to see such a different approach and quick, positive response.

"The grant is quite simply life-changing as we can now consider future family holidays and even respite options from family which was simply not possible before due to our son's complex needs."

Ubaydah has a genetic disorder called 17q22deletion, which has resulted in him having profound learning difficulties.

He requires one-to-one care, along with special treatment and equipment, on a daily basis.

The charity’s founder, John Sykes, added: “Ubaydah’s particular case really touched us and the trustees’ decision to help was unanimous.

"Our foundation works quietly in the background to help where others cannot and this is a wonderful example of helping someone in need within our great town of Reading.

"I am hugely passionate about Reading and what makes me most proud is delivering on our charitable purpose, giving someone a chance to work towards a great achievement, or simply taking a helping hand.

"In particular helping those who do not shout the loudest and making a difference in their life means making a world of difference to me.”

Visit: johnsykesfoundation.org for more.