COMPLAINTS about overgrown grass and hedges have forced the council to review cutting services throughout the borough.

Changes were introduced by Wokingham Borough Council in 2016 in order to provide a more flexible approach.

However, residents say the current service is not fit for purpose, with many areas becoming severely overgrown before they are looked at.

The council's Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee will address these concerns and residents are encouraged to send in their views.

Councillor Keith Baker welcomed the review, adding: "I think that any change in a contract always brings problems and it takes time to settle in.

"Our hope that this would just be a settling in period were helped following recent improvements to larger areas where children play.

"However, the heat has unearthed issues that need to be investigated. Every area is suffering because of the heat.

"I welcome the review and I would encourage everyone to participate if they have a point of view.

"The service in 2016 was very flexible and that was the big problem. The new contract has a much more flexible calendar and approach."

As part of the review, the committee wants to hear from residents about the frequency and quality of grass cutting services.

Witness sessions will also be held in the autumn, but the council is currently accepting written evidence and comments.

Work with the new contractor, ISS Facility Services, focussed on finding 'innovative ways' to maintain grass cutting while keeping costs at an affordable level.

Grass was initially left too long in many residential areas and it took a while to catch-up with the initial problems.

The council previously admitted that the service had been below standard after some areas were allowed to grow to 18 inches long.

Email: or send in your views by post to: Democratic Services, Wokingham Borough Council, Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1WH.