GURKHAS battling for a fairer pension have received the full backing of Matt Rodda MP.

The Forgotten British Gurkha Charity invited the Reading East politician to an event at their headquarters on Queen's Walk.

The event was hosted by campaigner Gyanraj Rai, who served in the British Army as a Gurkha and who carried out a hunger strike opposite Downing Street in 2013.

Mr Rodda said: “Britain owes the Gurkhas a debt of honour and it is important the veterans who retired before 1997 are treated fairly.

"I am looking forward to raising this issue, which is so important to many retired Gurkhas and their families in the Reading area as well as to our wider community who want to see the Gurkhas being treated fairly.”

Gurkhas who served before 1997 receive smaller pensions than British soldiers they fought alongside, due to an agreement dating back to 1947.