POLITICIANS have called for fairer funding for under-pressure police services after they were drafted in to support the arrival of Donald Trump.

Forces across Thames Valley have seen cuts of £100m to budgets in the last seven years and limited resources are being stretched even further to help police the U.S President's visit to Blenheim Palace.

The number of police officers on the streets has plumetted by 21,000 since 2010 and Labour MPs say force's will have to ask the Home Office to recoup the funds needed.

Tan Dhesi, Labour MP for Slough; Anneliese Dodds, Labour MP for Oxford East; and Matt Rodda, Labour MP for Reading East, have all called for proper resourcing for Thames Valley Police.

Mr Rodda, MP for Reading East, said: “I am concerned about the deep Government cuts being made to Thames Valley Police, which I believe are making it noticeably harder for the police to fight crime.

"Given the pressure on Thames Valley Police, I think it is only fair that the Government pays for the cost of one-off operations such as policing President Trump’s visit to Blenheim Palace, particularly when there is a precedent for the Home Office paying for the policing of other similar national events, such as the cost of policing President Trump’s visit to London.”

Thames Valley Police Federation chairman Craig O’Leary recently warned of his fears after the lengthy HBOS investigation saw £5m spent by the force.

Ms Dodds added: “Our police services have been starved of funding since 2010, and we can see the impact everywhere in our communities.

"Police officers are doing their very best but this is in straightened circumstances. It would be a travesty if policing is raided yet again, to fill budget holes elsewhere.

"At the last election Labour showed that reversing recent tax cuts would provide sufficient funds to increase revenue for the NHS and policing, as well as other areas- but instead we have a secret chipping away of our thin blue line.”