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A WOMAN who lives near the site of a devastating fire says she was afraid her home would be destroyed.

Nancy Nisbet called the fire service on Tuesday (July 10) when she saw smoke billowing near her home shortly before 1pm.

Eight fire engines were sent to Wises Fir’s in Sulhamstead and crews battled for several hours to extinguish the mystery blaze.

Ms Nisbet told the Chronicle: "I went shopping with my mother and when I came back I saw the smoke.

"The fire was quite big and so I called 999 and started filming on my phone and then it was suddenly twice as big as before.

"I was very nervous. I don't know if anyone else called the fire service, but I thought my home was going to be destroyed.

"We have no idea how it started, but thankfully nobody was hurt. I would just like to warn people about the dangers of starting fires as this could have been so much worse.

"All of the trees have been destroyed, as well as several sheds and greenhouses. It spread to the back gardens and was horrifying.

"The fire started in the field near some outbuildings and quickly spread to engulf the buildings, nearby trees and a van.

"It was very scary. I was hoping that the flames would not spread. It was horrendous."

Teams from Dee Road, Newbury, Caversham Road, Whitley Wood, Maidenhead and Bracknell were all deployed, along with a large off-road water carrier.

The emergency services spent several hours tackling the inferno and establishing the source of the fire.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman added: "We were called to a report of a fire on Wise’s Firs in Sulhamstead just after 1pm.

"Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service contained the fire and are working with police to establish the cause."