A COUPLE who rescued an abandoned kitten during their Australian adventure are hoping to raise enough money to bring her back home with them.

Nathan Hart and his partner Cassie found Dusty while backpacking Down Under in November 2017 when she was only two weeks old.

The feline friend joined them on their travels, but the Newbury couple now need to raise £2,000 to get their new companion into the UK.

Nathan said: "Due to the heatwave that was going on at the time, we believe her mother had been unable to feed her and unfortunately abandoned her.

"Knowing what happens to feral cats in Australia, we took her in.

"Within days, we knew that Dusty was no ordinary cat and we formed a unique bond with our cub."

After hand feeding dusty and bringing her back to full strength, Nathan and Cassie decided to take the cat on their travels over the last eight months.

Dusty, who was named after an Australian Football League player, has now toured five states of Australia and travelled 5,000km with her new friends.

Although the couple work on a farm picking oranges, they are worried they will not be able to afford to bring Dusty home.

They are also concerned about the prospect of the cat being put to sleep.

Nathan added: "We are approaching the end of our time in Australia and have enquired about getting her home to the UK.

"We have found that this process will cost us $3600AUD, and unfortunately the alternative of us not getting her home is for the Australian RSPCA to euthanise her due to her feral nature.

"We cannot let this happen and this is exactly why we need your help.

"It is with heavy hearts that we are asking all the crazy cat people out there to please share or donate, any size of contribution would be greatly appreciated."

Visit: www.gofundme.com/get-dusty-home if you wish to donate to the online fundraising page.