THE SUSPECT package which caused a mass evacuation and bomb disposal unit deployment at The Oracle was not a bag, the shopping centre director has confirmed. 

On June 12, The Oracle was closed all day and road closures were put in place after a suspect package was found in the men's toilets by House Of Fraser. 

A bomb disposal unit was dispatched along with the hazardous substances team, and word quickly spread that a bag with wires coming out of it had been left in the toilets.

Andy Briggs, managing director of The Oracle, has denied this, however he was unable to comment on what the device was. 

He said: “We are not able to confirm what the package was, but we saw some reports that there was a bag left around, and it certainly wasn’t that.

“We were pleased with the response, because we were able to identify the threat and get the Oracle closed and keep shoppers away from the area before the centre was opened. 

“The toilets open at 8am as they’re public toilets, and it was at before 9am that we managed to identify the threat.

“We have to leave finding who was responsible to the police, but we are lucky that we have a lot of CCTV footage that we have passed onto the police for them to examine.”