FLY-TIPPERS who dump their rubbish in a west Reading park have been branded a disgrace by a fed-up resident.

The resident, who did not wish to be identified, contacted The Reading Chronicle after months of seeing lazy fly-tippers carelessly dumping their waste next to recycling facilities in Kensington Park.

He said: "This has been going on for over a year, and I have been logging it with the council for around eight months.

"People dump household waste and business waste, during the day and overnight. I have seen people dumping in broad daylight. They bring it on foot, or in cars or vans.

"They dump it right next to the recycling bins. I suppose they put it there because it isn't particularly overlooked, and they think it will just be cleared away."

The man praised council workers who continually clear up the mess.

He said: "The council do a fantastic job regularly cleaning it up, but it's costing a lot of money and it isn't solving the problem.

"These people need to be shamed into not dumping their rubbish there, it is unacceptable and I want the wider community to know what is going on."

In a bid to tackle the problem, Reading Borough Council has arranged for the recycling bins to be moved into a more prominent position.

A spokesman for Reading Borough Council said: "The Council’s Neighbourhood Officers visit Kensington Park daily and investigate any instances of fly-tipping. Fixed penalty notices are issued to individuals if any evidence is found which identifies the culprits.

"In a bid to discourage fly-tipping, the recycling banks are being relocated to a more visible location at the front of the park which can only be accessed from the roadside.

"Anyone caught fly-tipping in Reading can be issued with a fixed penalty notice with an instant £300 fine or face court in more serious cases.

"Fly-tipping can blight an area and costs the council tax payer money and the council will track down and take action against offenders wherever possible.

"Residents can report incidents of fly-tipping on the Love Clean Reading app which can be downloaded from"