CAMPAIGNERS have called for the council to take urgent action to change the town's 'most dangerous area' for cyclists.

Members of Reading Cycle Campaign (RCC) urged Reading Borough Council to make changes to the Vastern Road roundabout after 19 casualties were recorded in the last three years.

Most of the collisions have occurred when vehicles fail to give way on the roundabout, while some cyclists are knocked down as they attempt to exit the road.

John Lee, a campaigner for RCC, said: "Five-arm junctions like this tend to have a poor safety record, whether they are roundabout or signal controlled.

"The number and complexity of vehicle movements is probably a factor, with users less able to judge the intended route of others even if they are signalling.

"There are a number of problems that make conditions difficult and dangerous for cyclists at this junction. They were noted by RCC at the time of construction, more than three years ago, and have been reiterated in recent months.

"These atrocious figures should be generating urgent action. Unfortunately, four months after the issue being raised RCC have seen no remedial proposals, nor repainting of the worn road markings."

The action group have called for the council to adopt a trial scheme with the Department for Transport to remedy the problem.

Some suggestions from RCC have included a 'bolder give-way line' and to reduce the number of exits at Napier Road from two lanes to one.

They also asked the council to consider partial signalisation of the roundabout, with pre-signals for cyclists.