FLAMES climbed into the sky after a trailer full of spare car parts caught fire on Monday evening.

Firefighters were deployed to Buckden Close in Woodley at around 8.45pm and were on the scene for more than two hours tackling the blaze.

A crew from Wokingham provided back-up to Wokingham Road when they realised the fire was much more serious.

Firefighter Reg Larkin said: "We were initially called to a bonfire and as we made our way towards the fire it was obvious we needed more resources.

"We believe it was accidental. There was a trailer full of spare car parts, but we don't know which side the fire spread from.

"It was a fairly substantial job, we were only called to a bonfire but there was much more going on than expected."

The crews used specialist breathing equipment, hose reels and a jet to tackle the fire.

The fire started in the driveway alongside a row of houses, but all residents were outside on arrival and unharmed.

Firefighter Larkin added: "The flames were probably the same height as the house, if not taller. It was a substantial job.

"Thankfully nobody needed any help from ambulance crews. We did some checks of the houses to see if there was any damage."