A SCHOOL in Emmer Green has celebrated the rich international make-up of its students with a cultural diversity event.

St Martin's Catholic Primary School, in Pendennis Avenue, invited pupils' families to the colourful and fun International Evening on Friday, April 27, where they shared food, costumes and traditional dances.

A fashion show, featuring children in national dress, and exhibition stands of the different nationalities represented at the school were all part of the evening's festivities.

Countries including Ireland, Greece, Zimbabwe, the USA and Ethiopia were represented, with dishes served in the International Cafe including an Hungarian chicken paprikash with nokedli, Pierogi from Poland, and Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá from Portugal all being enjoyed by guests.

Parents and stand organisers Federica Baroni-Luis and Valentina Papiri-Bray said: "The evening was so much better than we ever hoped. The dancing of the Greek Sirtaki, to the famous 'dance of Zorba' music, was a particular highlight for us, seeing so many different nationalities come together with their arms around each other’s shoulders, celebrating our school’s diversity was a wonderful and truly special moment.”