FED-UP residents blamed the warm weather for turning their community into 'Bedlam'.

Villagers claim elderly people are living in fear after a spike of antisocial behaviour in Purley on Thames.

Incidents include public sex acts, vandalism, littering and drunken moped riders performing stunts along peaceful roads.

Residents have called a meeting with Reading West MP Alok Sharma to express their concerns and have urged Thames Valley Police to take action.

A letter sent to the Chronicle reads: "The meeting is for residents to present their experiences and feelings about the antisocial behaviour of visitors who head to the River Thames at Purley every time the sun shines.

"It has got to the stage that residents of Purley avoid the meadows because of the large groups of youths that flock to Blount's meadow and Bucknells Meadow.

"Older residents have told community representatives that they are frightened to go out because of the gangs and anti-social behaviour."

Neighbours have been left clearing up bags of litter and have likened the clean-up to the aftermath of a music festival.

Villagers found cannisters of petrol after someone reportedly tried to set a large oak tree alight.

The letter continues: "The incidents of vandalism has increased considerably over the last few summer seasons and activity is escalating.

"During the hot weather over April 19 – 22, residents in Wintringham Way and Chestnut Grove had young people on mopeds performing donuts and wheelies while drunk on the road outside their homes.

"When residents walk their dogs the morning after they have the task of cleaning up the bedlam from the night before. This involves cleaning up countless disposable barbecues, alcohol bottles, food wrappings, left behind clothes, canisters for sniffing and even used condoms."

The public meeting will be held at Purley Park Social Club in Wintringham Way on Thursday, May 24, at 8pm.

Mr Sharma will attend and police councillors, landowners and headteachers have also received invitations.

West Berkshire Council has been contacted for a comment.