NINETIES pop fans will be in for a treat next week as two nostalgic heavyweights will be teaming up for a trip back in time.

5ive and S Club will be coming to Sub 89 on Thursday, May 17 getting audiences to Reach For the Stars and Keep on Moving as they are taken back to the 90s for one night only.

Scott Robinson from 5ive, who appeared in the first series of the ITV hit The Big Reunion in 2013, said he's looking forward to coming back to Reading for what will be a truly unforgettable night.

He said: "We haven't stopped doing shows since The Big Reunion, we've been really busy for the last five years, but recently we have started doing different 90s shows with different groups, and working with S Club seems to be going really well. We've got some really cool songs, they've got some really cool songs and people seem to like the two groups together. We did some shows with them and some Smash Hits tours with them back in the day. They weren't on the Big Reunion, which is actually good because the audiences who come out to see us this time will be getting something completely new. It's a different dynamic."

The dynamic of the audiences seem to be changing all the time too, as the original fans now bring their children along to the shows.

Scott said: "It's a bit of a mixed bag really, it's the mums who used to come who are now bringing their 16-year-old daughters with them. We do these big festivals, and we look out to the audience and think 'These people shouldn't know who 5ive are!' but it must be through their parents that these teenagers seem to know who we are."

As a father-of-four himself, Scott is keen to involve his children in his career as much as possible.

He said: "They love watching our shows, they come to as many as they can. The bigger arena shows we do, they know all the words and sing along. My 17-year-old knows all the words and dances, he could do the whole show himself! I don't think it would do much for his street-cred though."

As a threesome, the group can't get away from the fact that two of the original members - Abz Love and J Brown - are now missing from the line-up. But the three remaining members have soldiered on and rearranged the songs in order to give their audiences the full 5ive experience.

Scott said: "I can't say I keep in touch with Abz and J, they used to want to be part of what we're doing, but we can't hold a gun against anyone's head. It hasn't held us back, there can be a bit of a stigma attached to calling ourselves 5ive when there are only three of us, but the audience is still getting the same package, they're still getting the same songs. What has changed is the personnel, I am now singing a lot more backing vocals than I used to, so that has changed it slightly, but it hasn't affected us at all. We're happy that they're happy, and they're doing their own thing.

"In a funny way, it's kept it fresh, the audiences get to see something different. I hope they leave pleasantly surprised."

As well as taking a trip down memory lane, the audience will also be put through their paces with all the old dance moves, which Scott is hoping everyone will remember.

he said: ""We're very bossy! We tell them to get up, we tell them to get down, we tell them to keep on moving. They won't be getting off easy, we are lucky to have so many good hits and we''ll be singing all of them."

5ive and S Club will be playing at Sub 89 on Thursday, May 17 from 7pm. Tickets are £26. For more details and to book visit