FRUSTRATED residents have been ordered to remove homemade barriers to prevent motorists from blocking their driveways.

People living around Hamilton Road complained to Reading Borough Council about commuters and school parents clogging up roads around East Reading.

The area has become a parking hotspot since the council introduced its Redlands Parking Scheme and neighbours have demanded residents' parking permits.

An informal consultation by Reading Borough Council shows 57 per cent of residents would like to have the scheme introduced.

But a scheme is unlikely to be introduced in the near future and residents have taken matters into their own hands.

Will Neale said: "The parking situation is just as bad as ever.

"We are fed up with being boxed in so we put some wooden planters outside to prevent our driveway from being blocked and allow us to see more clearly when reversing out onto the road.

"There was huge debate and although largely positive there were some grumblings and someone reported them to the council.

"We received a visit from the council while we were out and they left a note asking us to remove the planters."

Other residents have put out wooden stakes and traffic cones in a bid to deter motorists from parking outside their homes.

But a council spokesman said: "

The concerns come after parents issued a fear for safety for schoolchildren last year following several near misses involving young pupils and parents at Alfred Sutton School.

An action group has been formed to urge motorists not to block up the area during peak times.

Mr Neale added: "We go out three times a week in the mornings. We wear high-vis jackets and speak to some of the drivers that are being irresponsible."

Alfred Sutton School has also introduced a walk to school scheme to encourage parents not to drive.