ANGRY text messages and voicemails sent between a young woman and her husband in the weeks leading up to her death have been read out during her alleged killer's trial.

Simone Grainger, 30, was found dead in the kitchen of her home in Windsor Way, Calcot on Saturday, November 5. Her husband Steven Grainger, 32, is accused of attacking and killing her before wrapping her body in a rug.

The couple's phones were seized by police, who analysed 13,548 text messages, What's App messages and voice recordings sent between them from January 2, 2017 to the night before Simone's death.

Nearly 1,500 messages were read out to the court during the fourth day of Grainger's trial on Wednesday.

During the exchanges, the couple rowed about Grainger's drug-taking, how he kept 'going missing', and how he would not leave her enough money to pay their rent and bills.

On one occasion, Simone said she wanted to 'stab [Grainger] in the face' as he made her so angry.

Grainger replied: "You think that's normal, to want to stab me?"

She replied: "I think everyone wants to stab someone at some point. I hate you. I hope you get what's coming to you."

A total of 8,887 messages were sent by Simone to Grainger during the period, and he sent her 4,661.

The couple were due to go on holiday with relatives and friends in October, but Grainger disappeared the night before.

Grainger sent messages to Simone attempting to apologise and explain that he had gone to get drugs for a friend, but would not tell her who.

More than 45 voice messages were played to the court, mostly from Simone to Grainger between October 17 and October 23, in which she called him 'a liar', that he had 'ruined [her] life' and that getting married was 'the worst mistake of [her] life.'

Steven Grainger, of Hatford Road, Reading, denies a single charge of murder and one count of manslaughter.

The trial, before Mr Justice Knowles, continues.