A TRAVELLER family has been warned after they were caught driving over graveyard land.

Residents fumed on social media after travellers were seen driving over ground reserved for burials.

A large group of people gathered at Henley Road Cemetery in Caversham on Sunday to pay their respects to a loved one.

Stunned onlookers watched in shock as cars were seen mounting grassed areas at the site and driving across them.

The family in question had previously been warned about the issue but ignored Reading Borough Council's request for respect.

A council spokesman said: "A local family from the traveller community were visiting their relative’s graves on Sunday and have driven over an area of grass in Henley Road Cemetery that does not contain any graves at present.

"The family are regular visitors to the cemetery and have been asked on previous occasions not to deviate from the official routes and to show respect for other people whilst in the cemetery.

"We will speak to them again about this issue and continue to re-iterate the importance of respecting the cemetery grounds."

Just last week, scores of police officers were seen near the site in order to monitor a traveller funeral.

The nearby Traveller's Rest pub temporarily shut its doors while other nearby shops were also closed.

One Facebook user posted: "All I will say is their behaviour even up there was despicable.

"No respect whatsoever for other people's resting places."