STUDENTS are being urged to use recyclable cups after the university introduced a new 20p tax on campus.

The University of Reading wants to encourage people not to use paper cups in an effort to help the environment.

Almost 500,000 hot beverages were bought on campus last year and the university has set a target to recycle 60 per cent of all waste by 2021.

Martin Batt, head of Retail and Hospitality, said: “We are committed to reducing waste in all aspects of our business and see this scheme as a huge step forward by not just increasing the recycling rates but reducing the waste being created in the first place.”

The university has also launched its own 'Sustain It Mug' to give students more incentive to go green.

All of the profits from the 20p tax will be used internally to fund catering services.

Dan Fernbank, Energy and Sustainability manager at the University, added: “The plastic content of paper cups has traditionally made them difficult to recycle, so we are pleased to now be able to introduce dedicated recycling points around campus.

“By introducing these new recycling points, alongside the new paper cup tax, we hope to demonstrate how simple individual actions can have a big impact.”