A DRUNKEN reveller took a party host's car and crashed into a neighbours vehicle after he was ordered to leave the festivities, a judge heard.

Two frightened teenagers had to use themselves as a human barricade when Thomas Aspell tried to force his way back into the house.

The 19-year-old had been told to leave the party after making a nuisance of himself.

But instead of leaving quietly, Aspell decided to take the host's keys off of the windowsill and jump into her Ford KA.

A teenage girl tried to stop him in his tracks, but Aspell reversed at speed and crashed into a neighbour's car.

Prosecuting at Reading Magistrates' Court, Maddy Charlesworth said: "There was a small party on Friday, April 13.

"Aspell was described as getting quite drunk. They had an argument.

"She (the host) went upstairs to see one of her friends and she noticed things became quiet downstairs.

"She opened her front door and saw him in the driver seat of her car.

"He reversed it down the drive way at speed and went straight into the road and into a car that was parked on the other side."

Aspell then tried to force his way back inside the house while two teenagers sat behind the door trying to stop him.

He eventually managed to get back inside the property in Rowlock Gardens, Hermitage.

Rob Jacques, mitigating, added: "He has been looking for work.

"He is a young man who presents himself as someone who has behavioural and learning difficulties."

Aspell, of no fixed abode. admitted taking a car without consent, causing criminal damage and driving without insurance.

He also admitted using violence to force entry into a property and was slapped with a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for a year.

District Judge Sophie Toms said: "These are offences which cross the custody threshold.

"You could have caused a lot more damage or injury to yourself or other members of the public.

"You went back and scared the teenagers who were very frightened."

Aspell was banned from driving for two years and ordered to pay £200.