READING is among the top locations to make a living, according to a recent study.

TotallyMoney's guide features the best places to live based on the average salaries, mortgage repayments, cost of living and employment rates.

Reading ranks seventh of of 59 UK towns, with the south east boasting five of the top ten towns and cities to make a living overall.

Crawley, Derby and Southampton grab the top three spots, with Reading recording some of the highest wages outside of London.

The Reading review reads: "On first-glance, this Berkshire town may have unlikely rock star credentials.

"However, since 1971 Reading has held a festival that is beaten only by Glastonbury in size.

"When not listening to tattooed kids wail onstage, its residents join the thriving commercial centre, which hosts the headquarters of major companies including Microsoft and Oracle.

"Despite being close to London, Reading wards off the dreaded ‘commuter town’ label by having more people arrive, than leave to work outside the town each day."

Key facts:

  • Median monthly take-home salary £655
  • Average monthly mortgage repayment £1,948
  • Cost of living rank 52/59
  • Employment rate 78%
  • Business closures (per 10,000 population) 60.54%
  • Employment and business rank 32/59