AN INFESTATION of rats continues to frustrate residents living in a small block of flats who say their bins are inadequate and attracting unwanted pests.

Residents living on Lesford Road in Coley have had to put up with rodents for nearly two months and many people feel they are returning because the council refuses to improve the litter provision.

While pest control specialists have carried out a series of site visits, homeowners continue to wait for a resolution to the problem.

Afraid of the rat problem, many residents have taken to leaving their rubbish next to the storage bins.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It is a small block of flats and the bins were not emptied for a while. We have reported it to the council twice.

"They have visited the area and taken photographs but they are saying that it will take at least six weeks to put right.

"They can't put any poison down because there are children living in the area, which is perfectly understandable.

Reading Chronicle:

"It is absolutely disgraceful. This problem has been going of for the better part of two months.

"The problem is the bins are just too small for the amount people that live here, so they are almost always full.

"This means that there are always rats and it has just got the stage where the place constantly looks unattractive and run down.

Reading Borough Council is in the process of dealing with the pest problem on Lesford Road, but it is also not planning to increase the current provision of binds in the area.

A spokesman added: "A pest control contractor has already been to the site to investigate what measures are required to deal with the problem and will then put these in place over the next few days.

"While the work is underway we will move the bins away from the bin store so they can continue to be used safely and to reduce further contamination.

"Housing officers are aware of one complaint about rubbish at the flats, but on investigating this are satisfied the current provision and arrangements for rubbish collection are adequate."