A MEDICAL provider has turned its back on a failing surgery due to a recruitment strain, lack of funding and pressure from the medical watchdog to make improvements.

OneMedicalGroup has been in charge of Circuit Lane Surgey since September 2016 and inherited 'deep-rooted' issues from the previous provider.

The Southcote surgery was placed into special measures sixth months later after being branded 'inadequate' in most areas and a series of follow-up inspections found progress to be too slow.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said patients were put at risk after the surgery struggled to overturn a backlog of prescriptions and Western Elms Surgery will now be responsible for running the centre.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the team and the clinical commissioning group, the level of turnaround required has not been achievable within the funding.

"OneMedicalGroup has subsequently made the difficult decision to withdraw from the contract, having agreed to terminate the contract at a mutually agreed date in 2018.

“The decision is independent from CQC inspections, however for the last 12 months, the CQC has undertaken six inspections at the surgery.

"This increased pressure on the teams did not help the process and OneMedicalGroup has raised these concerns formally with the CQC."

Inspectors claimed patient interaction, staffing levels and learning from complaints to ensure improvements were made were all areas of concern.

Patients are now being given the option to stay at Circuit Lane, or register at an alternative surgery.

In a letter to existing patients, Cathy Winfield, chief officer for Berkshire West CCG, explained how Western Elms had a strong reputation with the CQC.

She added: "While improvements have been made, OneMedicalGroup has found it difficult to recruit permanent GPs and other staff.

"The GPs at Western Elms are enthusiastic about providing services at Circuit Lane and will be looking to work with existing staff and patients to improve the services available."

Any patients who are concerned about the changes should call 0300 123 6258 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).