Shoppers were stuck for hours in Reading Ikea's car park for more than two hours amid Bank Holiday Monday Chaos yesterday.

The car park has been the scene of several jams in the last year, but today shoppers took to social media to say they were stuck for hours. 

It came after the store closed one level of the 1000-space car park and asked customers to travel by public transport until April 30. It was offering free delivery on orders over £150. 

However, scores of shoppers braved the Bank Holiday rush and became trapped inside the car park for several hours.

One Twitter user, Abigail Andrews, posted: "One hour [spent] trying to leave IKEA Reading! Yelling toddler who wants her lunch, two boys driving each other mad and a husband who's lost the will to live!"

IKEA sent a whitty reply, saying: "Hello! The store are working as hard as they can to clear the queues. Maybe this is a good time for a mid day nap."

But the woman retorted: "Your staff seem to be the ones having a nap!"

IKEA Reading has been the scene of several traffic nightmares since the store first opened back in 2016.

At times, customers have reported spending up to three hours trapped in the car park.

Speaking on Monday, April 2, Holly Davey wrote: "Sitting in reading traffic and queuing for 2 hours to get into IKEA was NOT how I wanted to spend my Easter Monday."

Another Twitter user posted: "#IKEA reading, lesson to learn co-ordinating traffic on ramp is ok but you have no coordination of car park itself to ramp. I got out my car walked found another row to get to ramp saving me 45 mins of queue but still took me 1 hour 20 mins to get out!"

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