THIS is the moment that a driver lost control in the snow and crashed into the barrier during the recent icy conditions.

The crash, which took place near Earley on the A329 heading towards Reading, saw the Renault Megane spiral on the snow before the airbags were deployed.

Dash-cam footage shows the car gliding across the front of another car just before midnight on Sunday after appearing to attempt to overtake.

All three people in the car, including a woman and child, were not injured, but the car was written-off by the damage.

The Renault appears to be attempting to overtake despite the snowy landscape and quickly starts to lose control.

Reading Chronicle:

The recording spots the other car gliding across in front, before it hits the barrier and spins into the traffic.

The occupants of the Megane - including a woman and child in addition to the driver - were not injured, according to the dash-cam owner, who described the overtaking car as a "write-off."

The video was posted to social media, where one viewer commented: "Why risk overtaking in those conditions!

"Especially when there is snow on the road and at those speeds traction just disappears."

Travel in many parts of England was disrupted by the 'Mini Beast from the East' made an appearance and thousands of runners were left devastated when the half marathon was cancelled three hours before the race was due to start.