A COMMUNITY project run by a team of dedicated volunteers has been praised by a stronghold of Labour politicians.

Matt Rodda MP, Councillor Rachel Eden and Margaret Greenwood MP all had the chance to see the incredible work going on at Whitley Community Social Club during a recent visit.

Whitley Community Development secured £1m of Lottery funding to redevelop and modernise the area.

Margaret Greenwood, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said: “I was very impressed by the community café that I visited. It shows what can happen when you empower communities.

“I was particularly impressed by the Whitley Researchers who are exploring means of improving local people’s lives, by having them play the central role in any prescription offered to them. Consequently, getting them into work.

“It is clear that there are really exciting developments in the pipeline in Whitley.

“Rachel Eden’s work as a local councillor who understood the community was also very interesting. In Rachel, Labour has a fantastic local Parliamentary candidate for Reading West. I wish her every success.”