CAMPAIGNERS are pleading with the council to take further action after an unpopular move to close a community library was revealed.

School leaders decided to terminate the lease for Maiden Erlegh Library after a relationship of more than 30 years with Wokingham Borough Council.

Liberal Democrat campaigners took to the streets to hand out more than 2,400 leaflets to Maiden Erlegh residents over the weekend in a bid to raise awareness for an online petition, calling for the council to convince the school into a u-turn.

Elaine Spratling, from Moor Copse Close, said: “I am very disappointed that the school wants to close the library. Some of us fought very hard years ago to save the Library when the council wanted to close it.

“It is a much-needed amenity that is used by many residents. We do not want either the council or the school to take it away from us.”

Leaders at Maiden Erlegh Academy claimed limited space had forced them into making the most of the land by converting the library into something more beneficial for the children.

Reading Chronicle:

Campaigners have argued that the council has stood by and allowed the closure to happen without a fight and further concerns have been raised about the short notice period in place.

Tahir Maher, a campaigner, added: “It is hardly good management on the part of the council to have such a short notice period for an important service.

“In 2011 Liberal Democrats across the Borough obtained over 2,700 signatures to a petition to stop the Conservatives selling off our libraries, which would have led to some being closed.

“After the petition the plans were shelved. We can do this again if enough residents back our petition.”

Councillor Norman Jorgensen expressed his sadness when the closure was announced, but campaigners have asked the council to do more to persuade the school to save the library at the eleventh hour.

Visit: to view the online petition.