A BEDROOM fire is thought to have been triggered by sunlight reflecting off a magnifying mirror.

Crews from Dee Road, Caversham, Newbury and Whitley Wood were all sent to Ashampstead after the curtains were set on fire.

Firefighters responded to the call on the afternoon of March 8 and reported heavy smoke damage throughout the house after using breathing equipment to tackle the blaze.

Station Manager Steve Beard, who attended the incident, said: “The mirror in the bedroom redirected sunlight onto heavy drapes, which eventually caught alight.

“At this time of year, the sun lies quite low in the sky and increases the likelihood of this happening.

"Although these incidents are relatively rare, we would urge residents to be aware of this issue and ensure that any magnifying mirrors or items containing lenses are moved away from direct sunlight.

“Smoke detectors throughout the residence alerted the property’s owner to the fire. This enabled them to alert our service quickly and limit fire damage within the property.”