A PAIR of unlucky and inseparable rabbits are still searching for a loving home two years after being abandoned.

The couple of five-year-old rabbits - Biscuit and Waffle - were rescued by animal welfare charity RSPCA.

Although this week marks a big milestone for the bunnies, the staff at Reading Rabbit Rescue will not be celebrating, as they continue to wait patiently for someone to come forward to look after them.

The Dutch-cross female Biscuit loves her dwarf lop boyfriend Waffle and they have been together for their entire lives.

Reading Chronicle:

Sandra and Steve Ayers, who run Reading Rabbit Rescue, said: “Biscuit and Waffle need an experienced owner and, unfortunately, wouldn’t be suitable for a home with children.

“Biscuit is incredibly friendly but Waffle is quite timid and a little unsure around people so he can be a little unpredictable.

“That’s why we feel these two would be best going to an adult-only home with someone who has kept rabbits before and understands them.

"We hope with the right person and with lots of time, Waffle will begin to trust people and will start to come out of his shell.

“They previously lived as house rabbits but can be rehomed as outdoor bunnies.

Reading Chronicle:

"They would like a nice big enclosure to explore with lots of places to hide and things to chew.”

Biscuit and Waffle are now the RSPCA’s loneliest bunnies - waiting two years or 760 days to find their perfect home.

“We just don’t understand why these two have not yet found the right home and we really do not want to have them in RSPCA care for another year,” Sandra and Steve added.

“We would urge anyone who has a soft spot for rabbits and would like to give an older pair a chance to come and visit them - we are sure they would fall in love with their deep, dark eyes, their beautiful fluffy ears and their quirky personalities.”

Visit: www.rspca.org.uk/give if you can help give Biscuit and Waffle a loving home.