A FAMILY is still fighting for answers after a young father-of-two took his own life following dark thoughts of harming them.

Adam Ludlow, of Walnut Way, Tilehurst, had struggled with mental health problems all his life, having suffered an abusive childhood.

He had a fear of going back to Prospect Park Hospital and twice attempted to hang himself before he was found in the garage by his mother Angela on September 14.

The inquest at Reading Town Hall on Wednesday was adjourned after the court heard how the 37-year-old had asphyxiated himself.

During one of his episodes, he admitted he was afraid of hurting his mother and made reference to the Hungerford Massacre when Michael Ryan killed his own mother during a spree of shotgun murders in 1987.

The hearing had to be stopped after the family raised concerns over being unrepresented. They also had no opportunity to look at several important statements beforehand.

In a statement issued to the Chronicle, Angela Ludlow said: "In our opinion, errors in his treatment were made. Adam took his own life as he feared he was out of control.

Reading Chronicle:

"It was an act of sacrificial love, giving his own life, so his family would be safe. His mental health took a severe downturn early in 2017, when he started hearing frightening internal voices.

"Their subject matter was centred around death, violence and the harming of his family. He self harmed to distract these thoughts.

"Complaints were made to Prospect Park Hospital. We believe these were detrimental to Adam's treatment and recovery."

His mother, wife Ellen and good friend Leo Livingstone had intended to challenge many of the statements made on behalf of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Emma Jones, assistant coroner for Berkshire, decided it was unwise and unfair on the family to continue and said it was 'unsatisfactory' that they had not been given the statements before the inquest.

Mr Ludlow had been on 'suicide and betting websites' shortly before his death.

Police had to force entry to the garage and all attempts to save his life were in vain.

The hearing will be resumed at a date yet to be confirmed.