A BELOVED pup gave its owners a scare after getting stuck between a shed and a garden fence on Saturday.

Firefighters from Whitley Wood station and an animal rescue specialist were sent to Kestrel Way in Southcote at around 12.30pm to free the helpless Yorkshire Terrier.

The family watched on as the emergency services dismantled part of the shed to help it escape before it was taken to the vets for a routine checkover.

Steve Baverstock, crew manager for Whitley Wood, said: "It was a very small dog and somehow it had got stuck in this very small gap between the shed and fence.

"The job was not too tricky, but we are not sure exactly how the dog came to get itself stuck in the first place.

"While it was stuck it was not very happy and we were concerned that while it was stuck it might get caught on a piece of wood or a nail.

"We attended along with an animal rescue specialist. We don't believe there were any injuries, but a quick visit to the vets was recommended."

Crews were on the scene for around 30 minutes.