A CHARITY celebrated a decade of working with the community and helping to integrate the Sri Lankan population.

The Association of Sri Lankan Muslims (ASLAM) works with other charities to spread the unique cultural identity of its members, while organising fundraising events for a range of causes.

ASLAM held a blood donation event in November along with members of Salvation Army and charitable donations of wheelchairs, crutches and leg rests were pledged to the Orthodpaedic Unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Lukman Harees, patron of ASLAM, said: "We have been very active in the community during the last decade, regularly organising events and activities for the benefit of the Sri Lankan community and also the wider community as well.

"They organise an annual Summer Social including many sports events to raise funds for charitable projects noth in Sri Lanka and UK.

"The charity also organise kids events, get togethers and talks to keep the community abreast of the developments in the society.

"Among the many projects ASLAM has assisted in the past includes helping the children’s ward at the hospital, helping schools in war torn areas in Sri Lanka and also helping victims of natural disasters."