TWO young girls have been taken from their mother's care after social workers raised concern about them being left home alone.

A family court judge ruled the aged six and four-year-old girls should be placed for adoption after being told that they had been left 'alone and unsupervised' more than once.

Judge Eleanor Owens heard that the girls' mother had a 'history of alcohol misuse'.

They had also suffered bruising after being 'inappropriately chastised' by their mother.

Detail of the girls' case has emerged in a ruling by Judge Owens following a private family court hearing in Reading.

No-one involved has been identified.

"The mother has a history of alcohol misuse and directly exposing the children to the impact of this," said the judge in her ruling.

"The mother has been unable to consistently meet the needs of the children, particularly when she is under the influence of alcohol.

"The mother has left the children alone and unsupervised at home on more than one occasion."

The judge said the mother had inappropriately chastised the children on more than one occasion, adding: "The mother has failed to adequately supervise or adequately protect the children."