A FURIOUS mother of young twins has been told to buy a new buggy or spend money on taxis after new railings were installed on her favourite buses.

Amanda Cox has mobility problems and would regularly use the Purple 17, relying on other services to get her baby boy and girl - Bobby and Renae - to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Reading Buses installed barriers on the newer fleets for ‘health and safety reasons’, but this has made it impossible for parents with bigger buggies to use the modern services.

Mrs Cox, who lives on The Meadway, says she cannot afford to pay for taxis and does not understand why she is being excluded.

She said: “I used to use the buses every day. I have issues with my mobility, but since the new barriers have been installed I can’t take my children with me.

“I live on the 33 route, but I can’t use that either for the same reason. I can’t go to the hospital or visit my mother during the week with my children. It is just ridiculous.

“I rely on these buses. I can’t be the only person who doesn’t drive. They should probably have measured the spaces to make sure this sort of thing didn’t happen.

Reading Chronicle:

“My children need to go to the hospital on a regular basis and now they are expecting me to spend money on taxis, which I just can’t afford to do.”

Despite making numerous complaints to Reading Buses, the mother-of-two was told she had an exceptional case and would have to stump up the cash for a smaller buggy.

A spokesman for Reading Buses added: “The buses meet, and in some cases exceed, the minimum requirements for accessibility.

“Unfortunately, some buggies are getting bigger these days and it simply isn't possible to accommodate every type on board.

“We have passed the customer’s feedback onto the vehicle manufacturer, but would appeal to all parents to consider the size and manoeuvrability of their buggies if they intend to use any public transport, not just buses.

“Our buses, new and old, can accommodate the majority of buggy types and this really is an exceptional case.”