A FATHER inspired his work mates to raise hundreds of pounds for charity after his daughter was suddenly diagnosed with blood cancer.

Young mother Rachel McSweeny, from Twyford, had just had her first child when she was told she had Hodgkin Lymphoma in September 2016.

Her father's colleagues at UK Power Networks decided to make Bloodwise a company-wide charity sponsor and more than £1,800 was raised on Friday.

Peter McSweeny said: “She was a new mum returning to work after maternity leave feeling quite unwell when tests revealed she had something seriously wrong with her.

"Lymphoma is desperately hard to detect. Tissue analysis from a swollen lymph node in her neck was needed to confirm it and by then it was far advanced.

"My daughter was given an eight out of ten chance of surviving. She is now in remission and returned to work this month, but she has been through an awful lot.

“My colleagues empathised with what our family had been through and realised this was a worthy charity for attention.

"I have a very supportive employer and supportive colleagues and I think people understand that it can happen to anyone.”

Colleagues held a bake sale and turned up to work in their own clothes to help with the fundraising efforts.

Blood cancer is the third-biggest cancer killer, claiming more lives each year than breast or prostate cancer.

Elaine Lieu, a colleague who nominated Bloodwise for a fundraising day, added: “We wanted to dedicate this fundraiser to Peter and his daughter.

"I worked in the same team as him, he is a lovely man and we wanted to help. I was really happy this charity was selected.”