A BUNGLING thief crashed his bike as he tried to escape with a bottle of gin and threw vodka at a security guard, magistrates heard.

Homeless Biondino Fappiano grabbed nearly £40 worth of booze off of the shelves at Food Warehouse in Reading and was chased by staff.

The 35-year-old jumped on a pushbike in an attempt to flee the Rose Kiln Lane site but he was thwarted by a kerb and sent sprawling to the ground.

Magistrates heard how Fappiano then got back on his feet and launched the glass bottle at a pursuing employee on November 23.

Speaking at Reading Magistrates' Court today [Friday], the prosecutor said: "He picked up a bottle of gin after walking around the store and placed it on the counter, he was stood behind another customer in the queue.

"At this point, he grabbed a separate bottle of gin, and exited the store, making no attempt to pay for the alcohol.

"He left the store and attempted to escape on a pushbike, before hitting a kerb and losing his balance.

"He got to his feet and attempted to throw the bottle of gin at the shop-workers who had chased him out."

Magistrates heard how Fappiano, of no fixed abode, also threw a bottle of vodka at security after stealing from Marks and Spencer in Broad Street, Reading.

The prosecutor added: "He entered the Marks and Spencer store on Broad Street, Reading.

"He selected two bottles of vodka from the shelf and attempted to leave the store , making no attempt to pay for the items.

"He was chased outside by security, and he attempted to throw one of the bottles of vodka at the security officer.

The thief was also caught stealing a torch from Homebase, Reading, on Thursday, January 11.

Fappiano admitted three counts of theft.

He will be sentenced at the same court at a later date.