A MASTERPLAN for a new school is set to be devised following a controversial public consultation.

The Heights Primary School has been looking to relocate to Mapledurham Playing Fields (MPF) and an overwhelming majority of people were in favour of the move.

Several complaints were submitted to Reading Borough Council on behalf of action groups and governing bodies, such as Sport England, after the Education Funding Agency (EFA) offered £1.36m to invest in the site.

Councillors came together on Tuesday evening for the MPF Trustees Sub Committee after 82 per cent of responders voted for the school to be built.

MPF Action group insisted the council did not run the consultation fairly and argued the land should be kept in its current condition.

Councillor Isobel Ballsdon said: "The time has come for those against the proposal to accept the outcome of this latest consultation, to end the personal attacks and now work constructively to feedback their views on the masterplan which will be required going forward.

"As the local ward councillor and chairman of the MPF Management Committee I will be working hard to thrash out how best our community, beneficiaries of the Trust, want the £1.36 million invested at MPF.

"Surely the massive support for the proposal makes the decision absolutely crystal clear. The beneficiaries want the massive investment for the MPF Trust, so let’s make it happen."

Martin Bromell, chairman of MPF Action group, previously refused to accept the outcome of the consultation, calling it a 'sham'.

The Heights Primary School is currently based at a temporary site on Gosbrook Road, but needs to move to a bigger facility to cope with the demand for spaces.

Funds provided by the EFA would be exchanged for a small percentage of the playing fields and could be used to rebuild the derelict pavilion.

Karen Edwards, head teacher of The Heights, added: "We are now in our fourth year on our temporary site and the limitations of this arrangement present significant daily challenges for our whole school community.

"We have no doubt that given a permanent school building we will continue to thrive and deliver a school for Caversham Heights."