MYSTERY surrounds the death of a promising student who suffered multiple injuries during an unwitnessed crash in Indonesia.

Jack Camilleri, of Mill Road, Caversham was travelling in Bali and was riding his Honda moped alone when he suffered catastrophic injuries at around midnight on August 28.

Indonesian police claimed he was driving without a helmet or licence and said he was driving carelessly at high speed before colliding with the kerb and losing control.

However, there were no witnesses to the crash and experts were unable to determine if the accident was caused by reckless driving or another vehicle.

His mother Emma told the inquest at Reading Town Hall on Tuesday how there was nearly a 10-hour delay between the crash and medical care being given.

She said: "I would like to exhort all those travelling to Bali to buy the best travel insurance, inform loved ones of your movements and fully research the culture of the country you are travelling to. 

"Dreams of paradise can so easily turn into a nightmare and a return home in a coffin.

Reading Chronicle:

"Jack was an exceptional young man and a loving son who lived his life to the full. 

"He was loved by so many and testament to this is the 20K raised for a boat in his name in a one month period. 

"In Jack's 20 years he achieved so much, helped so many and it is such a terrible waste and a tragedy that his life has been cut short."

Suk Ghatura, a pathologist at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, explained he succumbed to 'multiple injuries' to vital organs.

He said: "The treatment he received seemed to be adequate, but the delay between the accident and surgery sounded unusual.

"He had multiple rib fractures to the right side, significant internal bleeding and injuries to his chest and neck.

"Individually these are all survivable, but combined they may have proven too much, even for a young and healthy man."

Camilleri, 20, showed signs of making a recovery when he had surgery to remove parts of his liver, but his condition deteriorated rapidly and he died before his mother could make it to the hospital.

The family sought help from an independent collision investigator, who was unable to determine how the accident was caused.

Reading Chronicle:

It is thought the former Oxford Brookes University student may have started bleeding again after surgery and died two days after being admitted to hospital on August 30.

More than £20,000 has been raised to purchase a memorial to Camilleri, who was a keen rower at Upper Thames Rowing Club.

Peter Bedford, senior corner for Berkshire, said the lack of information from Indonesian authorities made it hard to provide a robust account of the death.

He added: "There was a significant delay between the crash and surgery and I do not have a detailed explanation of why that happened.

"It is not unreasonable to say that his complex range of injuries would have presented a challenge to any hospital in the world."

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