A VIOLENT storm saw firefighters battle for more than two hours to secure the roof of a store.

Fire crews from Caversham Road used an aerial platform after a member of the public spotted a section of the B&M store on Oxford Road had come loose.

Emergency services were called to the retail park at around 1.30pm after Storm Elanor conjured up strong winds.

Wren Kitchens and the Pets at Home stores were also closed as a precaution, but were reopened by the time firefighters left the scene.

However, further repairs were recommended to the B&M store after the fire service carried out a temporary fix.

Firefighter James Mcguinnity, from Caversham Road, said: "We had to shut down the area. A member of the public informed us that part of the roof towards the front of the building had come loose.

"Our colleagues from High Wycombe arrived with the aerial platform so that we could tie it down as a temporary solution.

"It was complex, but we had to work quickly. If something like that had come down completely, a lot of people could have been hurt.

"The shop was closed and Wren Kitchens and Pets at Home were also shut while we carried out repairs.

"I believe both of those shops had reopened as we were leaving, but obviously more will need to be done to the B&M store.

"We were the only crew from Reading on the job. We arrived at around 1.30pm and were on the job for just over two hours."