LABOUR politicians were out in full force on Tuesday to condemn the recent hike in rail fares.

Matt Rodda, MP for Reading East, previously slammed the move by the Conservatives after the party revealed the highest increase to fares in five years last month.

Passengers were being leafleted outside Reading Station on the day the latest fare increases of up to 3.6 per cent came into effect.

The increase for Reading commuters to London will see season ticket prices soar to record levels.

Mr Rodda, who is also involved with transport as part of his Westminster duties, argued the rail fare increase was 'insult to injury' for the people of Reading.

He said: “Reading's passengers are already paying thousands of pounds each year for their rail travel.

Reading Chronicle:

"The cost of a season ticket to travel into London has now risen from £5,116.00 to £5,300.00; this is deeply unfair.

"At the same time, wages are not keeping up with the substantial rise in the cost of living.

"This further increase in rail fares will penalise those who are simply trying to get by and earn a living in these ever-increasingly difficult and austere times.”

From January 2018, under the Tories rail fares will have risen by 32 per cent - two times faster than wage growth – leaving British commuters paying some of the highest fares in Europe.

The Labour MP added: “Constituents who commute from Reading into London have for many years been plagued by delays, cancellations, staff shortages and continued price rises.

"The announcement of a 3.4 per cent hike in rail fares adds yet further insult to injury, and will, quite rightly, be condemned by long-suffering commuters from Reading and Woodley.”

The Rail Delivery Group said that more than 97 per cent of income has been invested into improving and running the railway.

The cost of some rail season tickets will have risen by over 45 per cent since 2010, leaving some passengers paying thousands of pounds more each year.